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"Marek Babic is one of the greatest teaching coaches I've come across in a long time. He is a gem that we were exposed to last year.  His unique teaching style, hockey skill and knowledge worked very well with our players. 

For what it's worth, I fully endorse Marek's session and look forward to more of his clinics next season too."

Dean, Strathcona

"We were very impressed with Marek's Body Checking Clinic and would love to have him out again."

Becky, Onoway

"Pass on to Marek thanks for the bodychecking clinic.  All the boys were smiles after.  They were a little scared before the camp as it was their first time with any real body checking.  I think it toughened them up to!"

Rod, Whitecourt

"Since Marek Babic has taken over as head coach of the team the boys are doing amazing!  Great job Canwest introducing us to such an amazing hockey talent in Marek."

Brian,  Sherwood Park

Stickhandling / Cardio Sessions

Class Info:

Sessions Duration: 1 hr;  60 minutes.

Focusing on:

Stick handling, Dekes & Moves, Passing, Cardio Work out. Doing 12 minutes challenging stick handling drills intervals mixed in with cardio program for young athletes increasing core strength and properly developing muscle groups.  Focusing on hockey muscle groups, improving overall agility/flexibility  and increasing stride efficiency.